Change or get the index of the item. The index used to define the superposition. By default, the first element has index 0. If an item is created at the same level, it will overlay the previous element and its index will be 1. First, assign the element to a parent before using the method



  • index {Integer|Element} optional

    (optional) If the value is not specified, the current index of the element is returned. If the value is negative, you change the index from the end. If the value is an element, that element is placed after the element indicated




In method ready

var el1 = this.createElement(),
    el2 = this.createElement(),
    el3 = this.createElement();

stage.append(el1, el2, el3);

                // Original order : el1 ; el2 ; el3
el1.zIndex(1);  // New order : el2 ; el1 ; el3
el2.zIndex(-1); // New order : el1 ; el3 ; el2
console.log(el3.zIndex()); // return "1"

el1.zIndex(el2); // New order : el3 ; el2 ; el1