CanvasEngine is no longer maintained, please take another framework like PixiJS or PhaserJS

Canvas Engine

Framework to create video games in HTML5 Canvas

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Why CanvasEngine?

CanvasEngine gives you all the means to easily create a game in HTML5 Canvas. A simple API with a structure thought the games.

Cross platform compatibility

Create your game in HTML5 will make it work on all modern browsers, touch pads and Smartphones


Scene Structure

Structure of a scene for preloading, initialization and rendering. Superimpose scenes and put on pause

Multiplayer model

Use a model for handling server-side events and develop a multiplayer game.


Load images and sounds before starting the game


Display animations on a Sprite


Create movement and dynamic transformations

Keyboard and Gamepad

Management gamepad with Gamepad.js. Connect the events of the keyboard width gamepad for quick development


Use the HTML5 Audio API or SoundManager 2. Make fades you energize your game


Management Automatic Scrolling

Tiled Map Editor

Use Tiled Map Editor to create the level design and use in the game in a few lines of code.

Multi-touch gesture

Canvas Engine implements the library Hammer.js for adoption on touchscreens.


Management easier of HTML5 Canvas text and use effects


Perform effects like shake of an element


Managing collisions between entities and the creation of a virtual grid for maps.


Display windows containing beautiful borders and content


Retrieve a Sprite from an image composed of several Sprites

Gleed 2D

Use Gleed 2d to create the level design and use in the game in a few lines of code.

Save & Load

Save data from a Local Storage class and load later

Mouse Control

Management click, mouseover and mouseout

Elements Manipulation

Manipulate elements in the DOM as. Assign children attached to their parent elements. JQuery-like syntax


Basic Moving